Our Staff

Gary Price - Digital Media Designer

Gary Price (also known professionally as “Gary X”) is a summa cum laude graduate of Platt College. He has worked in the design industry — both corporate and non-profit — for more than 15 years, and previously worked as a journalist, broadcaster and public relations specialist for the U.S. Navy. Following his military assignment, he worked as a writer and photographer in Hollywood, before focusing full time on design. He has worked extensively in the design markets of Southern California and Denver, Colorado.

He is a skilled artisan with a commanding knowledge of numerous software applications, for both print and the web.

A member of the American Institute of Graphic Artists and National Press Photographers Association, Gary has won awards from the United States Navy, National Council on Marketing & Public Relations, Art Director’s Club of Denver and Platt College. His art can also be seen in the film "Under Siege," starring Steven Seagal.